Rabu, 25 April 2018

War for the Overworld The Under Games-CODEX

Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer:  Brightrock Games
Publisher: Brightrock Games
Release Name: War.for.the.Overworld.The.Under.Games-CODEX


Description: The Under Games is a seven-level campaign tournament set across a variety of game modes. Choose from new Underlords with unique playstyles, then pit them against the rest in a knockout-style competition organised by the bloodthirsty Mendechaus (Richard Ridings). Can you win The Under Games and lead the charge into the War for the Overworld?

Many new Aspects expand your Veins of Evil, with new minions, defences, constructs, potions and spells! These include the lightning in a bottle Thunderling, the mystical Moongate teleporter, and the fire-breathing Infernal Urn! You’ll also encounter the bloodbath that is the Sanguine terrain theme, deadly Banshee-launching Nether Shrines, and much more besides!

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