Jumat, 16 Maret 2018

Nova Flow-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Wrecked Angle Studios
Publisher: Wrecked Angle Studios

Release Name: Nova.Flow-PLAZA


Description: A mysterious tower lurks above the skyline, high above the world. As your only mission, you ascend to discover its true meaning. All, before the time runs out.
Nova Flow is a first person, speed running platformer built upon finding a balance in the rhythmic mechanics of the game. Making it from start to finish in the best time possible is your aim; your weapon of manipulation, your instinctive reflexes and a dash of ingenuity are key to obtaining top spot. Nova Flow’s simple movement system is coupled with more complex interactions as you progress. These interactions marry together to give the player a rapid and smooth-flowing experience as you traverse a large variety of levels designed to measure your skills and put you to the test as you attempt to best the rest.
As you jump, run, and shoot your Nova Cannon you’ll find additional ways to interact with your surroundings and the challenges that confront you. Laser obstacles, strange switch targets and gates to pass through will put you in a spin as you try to find the fastest way through the game’s levels.
  • Speed, Bounce, and Wall-run your way through the world. As you go, you’ll encounter more obstacles and mechanics.
  • Get creative with your runs, as you tackle the Standard, Random, and Custom modes. Repeat your runs for the best time.
  • It wouldn’t be a speedrunner without leaderboards! Track your best against ours to acheive a medal; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and our coveted Dev times. Compare your times against others too in our online leaderboards!
  • An intense score accompanies the gameplay. The up-tempo music sets the rhythm as you run and jump through the game.

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