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Garden Tale-DARKSiDERS

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Bonion Games
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM

Release Name: Garden.Tale-DARKSiDERS


Description: The Garden Kingdom, a land filled with beautiful gardens. One day, the long-undisturbed peace was to be broken, when a certain incident occurred.
Zoolians, beasts from the neighboring Zoo Empire launched an attack on Garden.
Protect what is important. Restore the livelihoods of the gardenfolk.
With the help of garderner Kurtz and his friends, face the Zoolians head on and defend the Kingdom of Garden.
Battle System
Garden Tale is a 2.5D simulation RPG with a focus on strategy.
In various places across the map there are plants with explosive properties called “Bonions”.
Hitting a Bonion will cause it to explode, inflicting damage to units in the surrounding area.
If other Bonions are caught in the explosion, they will also explode, creating a chain reaction.
The larger the chain reaction, the larger the damage that can be inflicted, greatly increasing your Mana (which is required to perform skills.)
What’s Bonion
【What are Bonions? (Part 1)】
Bonions are onion-like plants you will find spread across the map.
They take damage from attacks and will explode when their HP reaches 0.
Both enemies and allies caught in the radius of the explosion will take damage.
【What are Bonions? (Part 2)】
In this game, making use of the positions and properties of Bonions will give you the strategic edge in battle. Engulfing multiple enemies in a single explosion feels great. But you must avoid causing too much damage to your allies with explosions.
【Chaining explosions (Part 1)】
When a Bonion explodes, any other Bonions caught in the explosive radius will also explode. It is possible to set off a chain reaction this way.
【Chaining explosions (Part 2)】
Setting off a chain reaction not only increases the area in which you can inflict damage, but also increases the amount of damage itself. You will also receive more mana, which is required for performing skills.
Note your allies’ position and health before setting off a chain reaction, in case they get caught up in the explosions.
【Bonion skills】
There are some skills attached to certain equipment which can be used directly on Bonions. These include skills that move a Bonion when you attack it, or grow Bonions quicker than normal. Becoming familiar with these skills will allow you make better use of the Bonions on the field.
You can give 1 unique skill and up to 2 skills for the weapon/armor of each unit.
Some of these skills are passive effects, deal damage to enemies, or control Bonions.
Try to make the best choice of weapons and skills for each stage and bring your enemies to their defeat!

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