Jumat, 16 Maret 2018


Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Andeolab
Publisher: Andeolab

Release Name: Duder-PLAZA


Description: Duder is a new horror with full immersion in an atmosphere of horror and fear. According to the plot, the player is in a dark dense forest, in which he will have to find seven vital truths. But on the way he gets a certain creature – Duder, who seeks to hinder him in every possible way.
Will you be able to resist him and hold out in this forest for a long time, because with every truth found the forest will become darker, and Duder – stronger? Try it and then you will find out what is really represented these vital truths, and most importantly learn the answer to the main riddle – who is Duder and why the game begins with an incomprehensible at first glance introductory video. The plot in the end will surprise you. The game consists of two parts – the main (forest) and the additional (ending), in the latter you will have to put an end to the question of who is stronger here.

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