Minggu, 18 Februari 2018

Tempest Jade Sea-Razor1911 + MAC

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Lion’s Shade
Publisher: HeroCraft
Release Name: Tempest_Jade_Sea-Razor1911


Description: It’s time to go on board the real Chinese junk boat, immerse yourself in the legend, and explore mysterious islands. On your way, you will meet unexpected allies, pick a fight with a sea dragon, and visit familiar places that will play out in new colors. Do not forget to get a new gun from your cabin.

  • Expand your fleet
    You have 2 fail-safe junks at your disposal!
  • Update your ship
    Put on new sails, decorate the bowsprit with a bow figure in the form of a golden dragon’s head – let the other captains envy you!
  • Embark on an exotic adventure
    You will find the details about the forgotten island in the sail book.
  • Explore the world
    Now you can stroll through the cities! At your service are two new pirate settlements with a tavern, drinks, and shops.

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