Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

Lethis Daring Discoverers Narrative-SKIDROW

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Triskell Interactive
Publisher: Triskell Interactive
Release Name: Lethis.Daring.Discoverers.Narrative-SKIDROW


Release Description:
The scientists on Lethis have just made two major technological advances. The first is, in fact, a giant cannon that can launch projectiles through space, and which has allowed them to initiate a space programme which is, to say the least, incredible. The second is the development of a cloning machine that enables them to send explorers into the most hazardous situations without worrying too much about the potentially lethal risks.
Armed with this innovative technological arsenal, the Lethis Academy of Space Sciences then decided to send a crack team to find mysterious artefacts on each of the planets in the solar system. These are the interplanetary adventures you will experience.

Features :
  • Embark on the craziest exploration mission of your life
  • Explore six unique planets
  • Play five unforgettable explorers
  • Hundreds of choices with their own illustrations!
  • A new and original soundtrack with over 50 tracks

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