Jumat, 29 Desember 2017

Umineko When They Cry-Answer Arcs-DARKSiDERS

Genre: Adventure
Developer: 07th Expansion
Publisher: MangaGamer

Release Name: Umineko.When.They.Cry-Answer.Arcs-DARKSiDERS


Release Description:
This is the 2nd half of the “Umineko When They Cry” sound novel series, featuring episodes five through eight. The answer arcs will teach you many things, but solving the mystery of the epitaph is still up to you.
Welcome back to the world of “Umineko When They Cry.” (When Seagulls Cry)
Welcome back to the Rokkenjima of October 4, 1986.
You have once again been given a chance to catch a glimpse of the family conference held annually by the Ushiromiya family. The remaining life in the old family head who has built up a vast fortune is very slim.

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