Senin, 04 Desember 2017

TrES 2b-HI2U

Genre: Action
Developer: BeagleGames
Publisher: BeagleGames
Release Name: TrES.2b-HI2U


Release Description:
You fell on the unexplored planet TrES-2b, the ship is broken, and around the army of insects. You need to hold out at any cost. Look for ammunition, improve your combat suit and weapons. Wait for your droid to fix the ship and escape from this alien hell.
Will you survive until the droid remembers the ship. The ammunition will constantly end and you will have to go in search of equipment. In addition, you can improve your costume, improve your health, speed, energy, as well as improve your weapons. Energy is an important resource, it not only increases the shields of your costume, but also allows you to run faster, facilitating the weight of equipment. Different kinds of enemies will try to prevent you from getting out with TrES-2b. But you will certainly succeed!

  • New top down survival game
  • The dark atmosphere of the planet Tres-2b
  • 5 types of weapons
  • 9 types of enemies
  • Upgrade character
  • Live to the End
  • Kill the queen of insects
  • Take the ship and fly away from this planet

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