Senin, 04 Desember 2017

The Mystery Room-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Cypics
Publisher: Moim
Release Name: The.Mystery.Room-PLAZA


Release Description:
This game is a game where you solve the puzzle problem and escape the room.
When you start the game, you will be able to solve the puzzle problem and ask for reasoning ability.
The protagonist entered the house to experience horror and was trapped in the room.
Every time you escape from a locked room, the story is revealed a little bit.
Play the game and find out what secrets are in the house where the protagonist is trapped.

Find hints scattered around the room (paper, items, etc.).
Use your hints to unlock the puzzle to figure out your password.
The goal of the game is to unlock the vault, obtain the key, and escape the room.
There is no timeout for the game, no additional hints.
Think slowly, think again and solve the problem.
Unlock all secrets in 8 rooms and escape.
Tense music and a mysterious background await you.
Puzzles of various difficulty await you.
There are two endings to play.
Please be sure to escape the room!

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