Senin, 18 Desember 2017

Red Comrades 3 Return of Alaska Reloaded-POSTMORTEM

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Buka Development , Saturn Plus
Publisher: Buka Entertainment

Release Name: Red.Comrades.3.Return.of.Alaska.Reloaded-POSTMORTEM


Release Description:
In order to save the world once again Pete and Vasily Ivanovich will have to get through fire, water and through… some other stuff and then again and again.
They will get really close to the worst criminals on Las-Vegas streets, enlist in the commandos and complete several missions for the USA government – to get rid of drug dealer’s band in jungles of Central America, to fight against Saddam Hussein and even to make a trip to Alaska.
As usual, Pete and Vasily Ivanovich will get some help from their old friends from previous episodes. So meet the Anka (this time she is a FBI agent), Furmanov (he is a Mormon preacher now) and Kuzmich who suddenly discovered a rare artist talent. Of course, you will meet many new characters.

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