Senin, 11 Desember 2017


Genre: Action, Racing
Developer: Tree Men Games
Publisher: Tree Men Games
Release Name: PAKO.2-DARKSiDERS


Release Description:
PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you explore vast cities as a getaway driver, perform robberies with your crew and shoot twin-stick style while escaping the law.
Successful getaways reward you money which can be used to buy upgrades, guns, items, new rides and locations.

  • Single player drive-by shooting action
  • Pick up crew members and transport them into destinations
  • Partial 2-player support: Player2 can shoot while Player1 drives
  • Handcrafted levels full of detail
  • Take screenshots in “Photo Mode”
  • Upgradeable cars with skill points
  • Various guns and special perk items
  • Survival challenge
  • Pumping soundtrack by DKSTR
  • Leaderboards to compete
  • Achievements

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