Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

STRAFE Millennium Edition-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Pixel Titans
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Name: STRAFE.Millennium.Edition-PLAZA


Release Description:
SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: The Surgeon General was brutally murdered by STRAFE®.
STRAFE® is a roguelike first-person shooter that generates unique, full levels every time you play. Hand-crafted rooms are randomly linked together and filled with a fresh buffet of hungry enemies, so every run provides a new bloody challenge as you seamlessly slaughter your way through 4 diverse locations in unknown deep space. With secrets hidden around every corner and plenty of mechanics to discover, the tutorial is just the start — so explore & experiment often!
There’s a lot more than meets the eye with STRAFE® there are secrets around every corner as well as mechanics to discover. The tutorial is just the start, explore & experiment often!

  • PERMANENT DAMAGE AND GIBS! ÜBER-GORE technology means enemies explode with fountains of blood, which never fades away. Create wicked works of death art that mark your explored territory from the unventured.
  • ENDLESS CHANGING LEVELS! Randomly-generated levels are always different and violently unpredictable. Rooms, enemies, power ups, monster closets, and secrets move around every time you die!
  • FACE MELTING SPEED! The blazing fast action will hit you like the blast wave of a 50 megaton thermonuclear warhead, liquefying your skin cells and rupturing your internal organs. Yet still leave you coming back for more.

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