Senin, 02 Oktober 2017


Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Chickenpig Software
Publisher: Texas Interactive
Release Name: Spiiiders-POSTMORTEM


Release Description:
Master Marine Commander : John, in our lab deep down under the great salt lake, we had a biological accident. The Alphapoint valley was affected, all citizens have been evacuated. But the area is contaminated, some creatures mutated very fast….Well, John, we have now a monster spider problem. We will send you to Alphapoint 5, clean that area. You’re our best man! We count on you!
John Iron : I am the marine killing machine, not an insect exterminator! I need a real mission, not such boring Army jobs. Killing spiders is something for the Duke or the Doomguy, they are sissy guys, I’m doing the real hard bad ass shit. Spiders….

  • old school top-down action
  • good sountrack
  • a powerful shotgun
  • angry spiders
  • non stop action
  • explore the levels

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