Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

Premier Buggy Racing Tour-PLAZA

Genre: Indie, Racing, Sports
Developer: JDRumble
Publisher: JDRumble
Release Name: Premier.Buggy.Racing.Tour-PLAZA


Release Description:
Premier Buggy Racing Tour provides drivers with a thrilling off-road racing experience. Hire Drivers, Sell Merchandise, and purchase Upgrades as you earn a reputation and compete for the Premier Buggy Racing Championship!

  • Choose to start your career from three different racing background perspectives.
  • Customize your Car Number and Buggy Paint Scheme on the Premier Buggy Racing Tour.
  • Hire Drivers in Season Mode to bring in additional revenue to your race team.
  • Purchase Vehicle Upgrades throughout the racing season to improve your speed.
  • Sell Merchandise to Premier Buggy Racing fans at each racing event to bring in revenue.
  • Improve your relationship with race fans for additional team benefits.
  • Compete for the Premier Buggy Racing Championship!

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