Senin, 23 Oktober 2017

Pine Seekers-TiNYiSO

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Nifty Productions
Publisher: Nifty Productions
Release Name: Pine.Seekers-TiNYiSO


Release Description:
Spirit of the Mask
With the Empowered Mask, you fight for your tribe. This mystic spirit gives your skunk special abilities and force. But you’re not alone as other masks have risen as well, seeking to battle other awakened spirits.Battle your way through forest and moor. Avoid getting hit by explosive pines. Place or throw some back to outsmart your enemies.
Pine Seekers is a Bomberman inspired project. It’s a Competitive Online Multiplayer where your main mission is to either kill or outsmart other players. The game also features a simple Singleplayer mode.
With this project, we aim to create fun and short battles, while featuring many different winning strategies and tactics that put the player’s skills to test.

  • Multiple Win Condition
  • Abilities
  • Power-Ups
  • Perks

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