Senin, 02 Oktober 2017


Genre: Indie, Racing, Sports
Developer: Concrete Games
Publisher: Concrete Games
Release Name: Hyperun-POSTMORTEM


Release Description:
Drive as fast as possible on infinite procedural roads. You’ll need the best reflexes to beat the 90° turns and the spectacular road patterns. Be a superstar and take risks by making awesome acrobatic tricks. Surpass yourself and challenge your friends on the online dedicated speed and score leaderboards.
Hyperun is a mix of driving skills, endurance, style and gravity defying roads.

  • The game is going really really fast.
  • Speed and Score international leaderboards.
  • Learn from the best by watching the replay of any leaderboard entry.
  • Advanced vehicle customization.
  • Colorblind-friendly colors
  • Instant pleasure: smooth and reactive user experience, no loadings.
  • Procedural tracks. Every race is unique.
  • Extreme motorcycle tricks for spectacular driving.

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