Senin, 23 Oktober 2017

Bunny Hop League v1.2-HI2U

Genre: Indie
Developer: PolyDigital
Publisher: PolyDigital
Release Name: Bunny.Hop.League.v1.2-HI2U


Release Description:
Inspired by old school first person shooters, Bunny Hop League takes you right back to the golden age of gaming, when hopping, strafing and sliding were all the rage.

In most games, these techniques are used to make yourself a harder target or move faster. However, in Bunny Hop League, they are core mechanics, used to get from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make your way through a growing library of maps and game-modes. Beating your previous records and challenging your friends in the online mode!
Bunny Hop League is an arcade-oriented game that’s about challenging yourself and reaching your goal as fast as possible. A new take on the popular bhopping genre. While it can be hard to master, it’s extremely rewarding when you finally do!

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