Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017


Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: SmartHart Games
Publisher: SmartHart Games
Release Name: Artania-PLAZA


Release Description:
Artania is a non-linear post-apocalyptic game in retro style: you will become the survivor of a nuclear disaster. in the post-Soviet Republic of Artania, who is trying to figure out whether someone else is alive. The game offers a completely nonlinear plot with a multitude of storylines, which will finally lead the player to one of the seven possible destinies.

The game tells the story of people who survived through the nuclear war. The ending of this story depends on you.
During your travel around the post-apocalyptic world by the old locomotive, you will come face-to-face with unexpected encounters. Be ready to make difficult decisions, which will determine your destiny.

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