Senin, 25 September 2017

Middle Ages Hero-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: DEMENCI
Publisher: DEMENCI
Release Name: Middle.Ages.Hero-PLAZA


Description: It’s a story about a happy kingdom where before people have lived happy and in harmony, but the dark powers and dragon have attacked the kingdom. But after the kingdom was destroyed by dark powers all the people ran from the kingdom and they retired into the mountains and throughout the rest of the world. In one day appears young hero which wants to return the kingdom back and destroy the dark powers. A journey is waiting for him, fighting with creatures of darkness. At the end of the game the little hero must fight the dragon and after that, the light and harmony will come back in the kingdom and all the dark powers will disappear.

  • Classic side-scrolling action, with all the modern trimmings.
  • Tightly tuned 2D controls. Dodge, dash and slash your way through even the most deadly adversaries.
  • Beautiful painted landscapes.
  • Unique gameplay and addictive sounds.
  • 2D physics on game objects.

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