Jumat, 22 September 2017

MEG 9 Lost Echoes-HI2U

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer:  Skunkwerks Kinetic
Publisher:  Skunkwerks Kinetic
Release Name: MEG.9.Lost.Echoes-HI2U


Release Description:
MEG 9: Lost Echoes introduces players to a brand new world of tactical-action through three scenarios along with wave-based flashpoint modes. We are using this version to gauge interest from the community before continuing on with the final story mode version. Enjoy!

The Aperture is home to many strange phenomena, the deadliest of which takes the form of the Corruption. As equipment and power sources are left exposed within the Aperture, mutations begin to take place. Material is gradually taken over by the Corruption and transformed into monstrous bio-mechanical creatures. Both intelligent and incredibly lethal, the Corrupted pose the biggest threat to operations within the Aperture, and need to be dealt with extreme caution.

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