Selasa, 27 Juni 2017

Quern Undying Thoughts v1.1.0-RELOADED

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Zadbox Entertainment
Publisher: Zadbox Entertainment
Release Name: Quern.Undying.Thoughts.v1.1.0-RELOADED


Note: Other than countless small updates, this release also include the “new” 32-bit version of the game. Enjoy and happy gaming!
Release Description:
Discover the truth about Quern’s past, unfold the mysteries of its present, and be the explorer who shapes its future. Quern introduces reusable puzzle mechanics to the classic genre, making the player think about the game as a whole, and not just as a series of individual challenges.

You try to clear your vision and get on your feet after your arrival. You hear the portal closing behind you as you take a step forward. You are trapped, your way back is gone.
Quern – Undying Thoughts is a first-person puzzle adventure game, inviting you on a journey to explore it and solve its challenges. Put your mind to the test with the increasingly complex puzzles, and unravel the mysteries of the island.
Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of the island as you discover new places. Follow the hints of the past as you delve deeper into the story to understand the importance of your presence.

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