Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

Putrefaction 2 Void Walker-PLAZA

Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Indie
Developer: Kazakov Oleg
Publisher: Kazakov Oleg
Release Name: Flying.Tigers.Shadows.Over.China-CODEX


Release Description:
After destroying ancient evil in the first game, you were transported to another galaxy and became Void Walker – a warrior, who travels to a different worlds and times in search of the ultimate enemy. Now you must work for mysterious being, searching for clues and blasting through enemy hordes to find the answers.

  • Improved, more fast-paced gameplay
  • Brighter and more colorful game world
  • New weapon and player upgrade systems
  • Three different worlds and time periods to explore
  • New and improved survival mode
  • Different player abilities and perks
  • More expansive and open-ended level design than the first game.
  • Over 100+ different achievements!

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