Minggu, 11 Juni 2017


Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: VGstudio
Release Name: Tabletop.Simulator.Abraca.What-HI2U


Description: A private detective, who was tasked with finding a missing relative of a wealthy family, enters the den of the Satanist sect, which turned out to be a secret laboratory in which terrible genetic experiments were performed. Gradually, the attempt to unravel the mystery of disappearance turns into a desperate attempt to escape from this hellish place.

  • find out if you can overcome your fear and enter a house that is teeming with infernal creatures;
  • fight with terrible monsters, creatures of hell or hide from them;
  • Uncover a secret of the missing relative and understand what is really going on in this place;
  • Look for secret passages in the walls of the house and the keys to the secret doors, find notes;
  • and finally, you have to look into the deepest corners of the mind of the main character, to understand who he really is.

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