Senin, 19 Juni 2017

Face It A Game To Fight Inner Demons-HI2U

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Tlön Studios ,Athanor Studios
Publisher: Gamestorming
Release Name: Face.It.A.Game.To.Fight.Inner.Demons-HI2U


Description: Carefuly crafted puzzles in a challenging 3D plaformer experience take the player on a surrealistc journey through a maze of feelings. In Face It, abstract concepts are shaped into gameplay. Darker emotions like fear and depression are monsters and traps, while brighter concepts like HOPE, VISION and LOVE are the powers you need to beat the levels.

  • Go on a metaphorical journey of self-discovery.
  • Defeat Ghosts with the power of your inner light.
  • Avoid dangerous traps.
  • Find your way through mazes and puzzles.
  • Discover Some of the many true meanings of magic.

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