Selasa, 27 Juni 2017

After The End The Harvest-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Elushis
Publisher: Black Shell Media
Release Name: After.The.End.The.Harvest-PLAZA


Release Description:
Humanity has all but disappeared from its original planet and home, with only its remnants remaining loosely scattered across the universe. Those who were not worthy did not graduate the cycle. By chance encounter with an intelligent being, you begin your journey to unravel the great mystery of the universe itself.

  • A unique & non-linear story-driven experience
  • Combines open-world game elements and RPG aesthetics
  • Plenty of unique planets to discover
  • Over 100 unique monsters to catch, train, and battle
  • A plethora of side quests to explore
  • Multiple endings to discover
  • Real-time epic space battles

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