Senin, 15 Mei 2017

The Fan-DOGE

Genre: Gore, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Sigma Games
Publisher: Fat Dog Games
Release Name: The.Fan-DOGE


Release Description:
The Fan is entirely made with photos. It has a classic “point and click” feel, using only left and right click but it’s closer to the recent Telltale Game series than to traditional adventures games. There are no painful mini-games or artificially inserted sliding puzzles as it is more about discovery and choices. Find out more about the Killer and his victims as the story unfolds and you may be the one to ultimately decide their fate.

Although The Fan is a pretty short experience (there are no overly twisted puzzles to keep you from going fast if you wanna rush it), it took thousands of pictures and a tremendous amount of work to make it look good enough. So please, tell me what you think!

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