Senin, 08 Mei 2017

Handball Manager TEAM-PLAZA

Genre: Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Developer: Unique Games , Greencode
Publisher: Unique Games
Release Name: Handball.Manager.TEAM-PLAZA


Release Description:
Become the greatest Handball Manager of all times!
Mange your favourite club and enjoy the amazing presentation, gamefun and modern gameplay! The line-up of your team belongs to your hands. Your know how and feeling decides about win or loss. Send your team out for trainingscamps or increase the bonus and motivate your guys for unbelieveable performances. Maintain and enlarge your hall, negotiate with advertisingpartners and if everything runs smoothly enjoy your international fame.

All (Own & Other) matches optionally in:
3D Mode (Full 3D)
Text & 3D Mode (Window mode)
Text Mode only (including speed play button)
Handball Sports at its best!
Buy & sell players
Be manager and trainer in one person
Play with realistic suspension of staff
Become „The Greatest“ manager and trainer of all times
Automatic support feature will give support on various tasks (search for sponsors, training etc)
Multiplayer for up to 4 persons
Based on the well known (and critically acclaimed) titles from Greencode / Heartline (known since more than 20 years for great Sports Management Games)

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