Senin, 08 Mei 2017


Genre: Racing, Arcade, Music
Developer: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Release Name: Funklift-PROPHET


Release Description:
Instead, why don’t you and your friends enjoy a lovely game of Funklift, the multiplayer party game that God forgot and we just remembered. It’s actually kind of fun.
The goal of the game is to deliver as many items as possible into a chute to score points. Some items award bonus points. The player or team with the most points when the time runs out wins the round. Pretty straightforward, right?

  • Drive a forklift! That’s right, race around the space-disco-storage-place and do forklift things like lifting and lowering stuff!
  • Up to four players! Play in free-for-all, teams or full cooperative mode in a wild race for the highest score!
  • A whole bunch of maps! Like, at least ten (not just the one in the trailer).
  • An entire new dimension of Funk! Featuring music by Beat Fatigue, limE^reP and PreAmbience.

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