Senin, 24 April 2017

Stikbold A Dodgeball Adventure Couch Overtime Anniversary Edition-TiNYiSO

Genre: Action, Indie, Sports
Developer: Game Swing
Publisher: Curve Digital
Release Name: Stikbold.A.Dodgeball.Adventure.Couch.Overtime.Anniversary.Edition-TiNYiSO


Description: It’s time to dust off the sweatbands and slip back into those tight gym shorts because Stikbold! is going into Couch Overtime!
Couch Overtime is a completely FREE content update that introduces brand new ways to humiliate your friends and family!
The update includes ‘Honey Haven’, an exciting new level that will put the most seasoned pros to the test as literally anything can happen.
However, the main attraction is the addition of four frantic mini-games offering both team and Free-For-All action to spice up those gaming parties!

The mini-games are:
  • Handyball – 2vs2 take on another Danish sport – Handball
  • Pop Pop! – A lethal variation on another classic ‘Balloon dance’
  • Crate Escape – Team-based shoving contest – Fragile; handle with care!
  • Rainbow Rumpus – Blazing Battle Royale… with bee-bombs!

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