Senin, 10 April 2017

Invicta Beam-PLAZA

Genre: Aksiyon, Bağımsız Yapımcı
Developer: GameBubble06
Publisher: GameBubble06
Release Name: Invicta.Beam-PLAZA


Description: Your early memories of playing action games on your game console have been a defining moment of your childhood. In the years that passed you have kept those memories as ones of the dearest to you.
However, there was always that feeling of unfinished business about a series of cartridges you could never beat as a kid. One day, cleaning your old place you have found them again. It’s almost like they have called you. A stack of cartridges with a name you remember well…
Shoot your way through droids, mini-bosses, Threehorn’s arena and meet Deacon’s alter ego.

  • Fast-paced FPS
  • Two unique bosses
  • Bonus game between the levels
  • Powerful weapon with three fire modes and shield generator
  • Physics based plasma bullets with a twist
  • Perk cartridges
  • High end graphics and visual effects
  • Carefully crafted game feel, presentation and soundtrack

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