Minggu, 18 Desember 2016

The Butterfly Sign-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Quantum Phoenix , Dennis Esie , Mikhail Romanov , Bogdan Rozumny , Artem Lunyov
Publisher: Quantum Phoenix
Release Name: The.Butterfly.Sign-PLAZA


Release Description:
The Butterfly Sign is a first person detective story putting players in shoes of the lone survivor and the only witness to a disastrous incident. The protagonist’s destiny depends on his memories. That is why he dares to take a desperate measure. He takes an experimental drug “Rammex” which immerses him in the depths of his mind and precisely restores all the events occurred to him. In his memories, the protagonist will discover the ones responsible for the disaster, collecting clues bit by bit…

Explore Memority hospital and its premises, learn its secrets and restore the chain of events that took place here. Solve the puzzles and murders committed at Memority. Find clues, compare the facts and avoid tricky obstacles in your way. Penetrate into the new, previously inaccessible memories. Make conclusions and choose the correct route, because all your decisions affect the outcome of the game and influence the fact whether you can get to the truth. Thuth that was lost in your own mind…

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