Senin, 22 Agustus 2016


Developer:�Pixel Hero Games
Publisher:�Pixel Hero Games
Release Name:�Eisenhorn.XENOS-CODEX


Release Description:
�Eisenhorn: XENOS� is an immersive, fully 3D adventure game, adapted from �Xenos�, the first book in Games Workshop�s best-selling �Eisenhorn� trilogy, written by award winning author Dan Abnett. Set in the grim, dark future of Warhammer 40,000 �Eisenhorn: XENOS� lets you experience firsthand

- Fully 3D exploration using agility, tech scanners, and psychic powers.
- A party system where the player can choose which characters to accompany them on missions. Different characters will enhance varying aspects of Eisenhorn�s skills.
- Unlock and utilise the Imperium�s most iconic weaponry.
- Fully voiced acted, with Mark Strong providing the voice for Eisenhorn.
DELUXE EDITION � The ultimate package!
- A digital copy of Eisenhorn: XENOS the game
- Game Soundtrack
- Digital Artbook (Available September)
- Special Eisenhorn: XENOS prequel comic created by TPub (Available Late August)
- Digital copy of the novel �Xenos� by Dan Abnett

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