Kamis, 12 November 2015

Aqua Panic-PLAZA

Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Eko Software
Publisher: Eko Software
Release Name: Aqua.Panic-PLAZA


Release Description:
Aqua Panic! is a puzzle game that’ll put your brain to the test over more than 60 levels!
Make the best use of the interactive environment, avoiding obstacles and predators to lead the fish to freedom!

To help you, you can use a variety of tools:
  • Missiles that can destroy part of the background
  • Plants that you can grow to corral the fish
  • Harpoons to get rid of the most dangerous enemies
  • Ice to freeze the water and create new passageways
    And lots more!
Aqua Panic! also has 3 game modes:
  • Adventure mode, where you guide the fish to the ocean as the seasons pass by, and in which you can try to gather all the coins in the levels.
  • Free mode, which lets you replay your favorite levels and purchase the equipment you want using the coins you’ve gathered in Adventure mode.
  • Survival mode, in which you start with a limited number of fish. Your goal is to lose as few as possible during the levels, and to try to finish as many levels as you can!

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